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Hello! I’m Ammar Dawoodi

Welcome to My Site

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My Motivation

Break Diving changed my thinking through six words. These six words made me a more positive person and now always keep me motivated.

Now you will think, what are those six words? It’s called The Break Diver’s Creed: “No Rules.No Excuses. No Regrets"

In addition to these 6 words, they also have 4 other words: “Learn It. Live It.”

Take a moment and think for yourself how powerful these ten words are together: No Rules. No Excuses. No Regrets. Learn It. Live It.

Then, imagine if there were a worldwide community of people who live by these ten words. No need to imagine! It exists!

Come join this powerful global community and start to feel on top of the world! My dreams feel so real now, and now, I feel I can accomplish anything. In the company of these great people at, I know I can do anything!

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