Emojis, The Hidden Language

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Communication is key to information as understanding the message passed is paramount to achieving the required result.

Emojis are objects other than words that are used to communicate through digital means such as texting.

We often dwell on the purpose of English grammar because if not written in the proper manner brings inappropriate understanding of the message passed. One also intentionally ignores the English language because it at times doesn't allow one to fully pass all full emotional waves that needs to be passed when texting. The hidden language - emoji comes in and takes charge.

Often, people who are addicted to texting in emojis are accused of being childish and immature as unfortunately, there are no serious faces yet to be invented, haha.

Nevertheless, judging someone because of the inability to express theirselves is a Crime against Freedom Of Expression which is punishable by the law!

In conclusion, always honor the message passed by someone no matter the manner of it being written.

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