Updated: Jul 15, 2020

In India the first patient of Corona virus reported on 30 January 2020. After that cases went on increasing but not rapidly then Nizamuddin's Tablighi Jamaat had doubled cases in India. After that cases go on increasing as well as terror of corona.

That time I was staying in a college hostel and my final exam of B.Sc 2nd year was going on. I was in pressure and was in proper preparation mode as next day I had to give my Mathematics exam. But then rumor got spread that University exams got cancelled and we should pack bags to go home. I confirmed the news with my Mathematics Professor and packed my bags to my native City Bijnor 80 kms away from my college. My father is a police cop and he did not allow me to go back home as Public transport was not safe that time and it was too late to travel also.

Then I went through the news channel where I found our Prime minister of India was addressing us and he claimed for complete lock down in India from midnight to another day. Also he ask for a favor from us to Bang plates, clang utensils, to clap, Ring bell in our balconies and terraces at 5 pm next day to show our support in fighting with Corona and as a mark of solidarity with emergency workers who are working tirelessly in the wake of COVID -19 outbreak.

We followed the Prime minister's guidelines and at five minutes to 5 pm we were at our balconies. At sharp 5 pm the air reverberated with a medley of sounds on Sunday Eve as people across my Colony, city, the country rang bells, blew conches and clapped to express appreciation for medical and other staff who are on the frontline of the battle against Coronavirus.

Then my brother took me Home by Car. But there is a terror every time that we are infected by corona. I was just thanking God for my come back to home because after that Moradabad was on high alert. My father being a police cop is fulfilling his job honestly. He tries to help everyone who needs help. Even every Government employee is donating his/her one day salary every month from the last 3 months. Being a daughter I am proud of him plus I am very concerned about him.

My maternal uncle is a Doctor in MH (military hospitals). He is a Major. Since he is a psychologist, he also has to provide lectures in different cities . So when Lockdown started he was in Lucknow for a lecture and got trapped there because due to no convenience he cannot go back home ( Bagdogra,Assam). So he had joined duty in Lucknow Military hospital. And for two months he were there far away from his family and treating Corona patients . After returning home he was quarantined for 15 days. By God blessings he is completely fine and I am very happy for him. Daily he is going to Hospitals and treating Patients honestly without being selfish not he all staff members are giving their contribution very bravely I will never forget this time in my life ever.

This lockdown has been a learning phase for everyone, I am sure. I have learnt. The first and foremost thing that I have learnt is that nothing is impossible, at least when it comes to managing a house. Yes, work-life balance is possible.

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