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Late fee capped at Rs. 500/- for each GSTR-3B Return. [Press Release (03.07.2020)]

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Good News for All non-compliant GST registered person, the government has provided BIG REFLIF whose GSTR -3B is not filed. let's make use of this opportunity and be a compliant taxpayer. according to press release government has capped late fee on GSR 3B at INR 500 each GSTR 3B return. subject to return filed before 30th September 2020.

Also, there is no late fee on GSTR 3B if its filed NIL, the late fee of INR 500 will be charged only on GSTR 3B return with where there is any tx liability.

Which period GSTR 3B covered?

You can file all pending GSTR 3B from the tax period beginning July 2017 to July 2020.

Source - (Twitter, CBIC)

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