Role of Police cops in our society

Police Officers

Police officers are those officials who work for common people and

Government and helps government in enforcing the Laws.

First of all I want to talk about Judicial police officers whose work for

solve disputes, maintaining peace in the country.

Traffic Police helps in enforcing traffic rules so that they can reduce

the chance of accidents by checking people if they are following rules

or taking proper measurements or not. They have right to impose tax on common people if they are found violating the Traffic Rules.

Fire Police helps in controlling and extinguishing the fire at places which

are on Fire. Fire man are very courageous they actually have to play with

fire for us.

Yes without Police Cops our life would become not less than hell.

No laws, No protection would be there and we are not going to have security at all which conclude to misery and sorrowful life.

Recently the incident of Kanpur where a Gangster killed 8 policeman including CO. I was totally shocked and was in grief because my father is also a policeman and the thought of losing him make my heart shiver.

The risk in this job is very high, Taking their lives on their hands our Police team work 24 hours and does not even gets appreciation what they deserve rather they are only cursed by the People. You know what they are living far away from their families for those people who does not even care for them. But our Police Cops stands every time for the welfare of us.

They are also human beings, they also get Headache, they also have muscular pain , they also face many diseases, they also wan to live a luxurious and normal life.

Day to day we hear the news that " Police Cops was attacked by the common people there"

"A police man sacrificed his life for some other people" and many more.

We cannot imagine how much pressure they have while they are on their duties. Yes , it is also the fact there are Pros and Cons of every situation and some Police officers are corrupted too but just because of such Police men we cannot punish everyone.

I just want to say that they are also normal people who have families wherever we see any Police officer we should acknowledge them for their work so that they can feel proud on themselves.

To make our country a better place our cops are working very hard we should also help them by contributing our love and gratitude to our Police Cops.

Jai hind Jai Bharat!