Thank you Corona warriors - Poem

Frightened souls

situation is out of control

we are home , but not alone

keeping that in mind

writing this rhyme

we are home, but not alone

I am thankful to cops

as they never stops

whatever the situation is !

They perform out of the box

I am thankful to teachers

who exit their comfort zone

by teaching through a new procedure

Time is tough

I am very grateful to Doctors and Nurse

for being constantly with us

when circumstances are more than worse

(Grateful to medical facilities and scientist also)

I am grateful to my family and friends

for supporting me , for tolerating me

for caring me , for encouraging me

yes, we are home

but not alone

In this state of panic

and worldwide pandemic

let's hope and pray

let's spread and convey

our positive spirit and signs

to those who are fighting for us

in this very difficult time

to those who are not at home

let's not make them feel alone


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