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Your Enemy Is Your Friend

I want to share something about FRIENDSHIP.

This is my real life story (Day of my last exam of 12th Grade).

For my exam papers, I usually would go with my friend who stays near to my house and go home

post exam with him too, but this time, our last exam paper were in different schools which were on totally opposite sides. On that day he dropped me to my school and then he left for his own school for his own exams.

After I finished my exam, I came out of the exam, but today I knew that my friend would not be waiting for me to take me home. I decided that I will take auto-rickshaw and go home. But I waited waited and waited but not even a single auto-rickshaw arrived.

I then thought it’s just 8 km to my home and since exams are also finished, I don’t have to be worrying about time, so I started walking. I was surprised who found me, or rather I was surprised to discover the somebody who is calling my name.

I found that my biggest enemy of my school life since I was 6 years old until my last exam date (I was 17 years old) was driving in his car to his home. He saw me and started calling me and asked me why I am walking.

I told him that I did’t get an auto-rickshaw, so he took me in his car and dropped me to my home!

Lesson learned from above story: Never think that someone is your enemy. It turned out he was my friend since the beginning, but I assumed him my enemy for so many years just because he used to bully me many years earlier. But now when I think in a positive way, he was trying to make me stronger then what I was.

Your enemy is your true friend!

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