The snake of our lives, guess who? Only the truth, no sugarcoated.

Did you know?

There's a high chance you eat way too much sugar every day and don't even know it. Your day starts with sugar and ends with sugar.

Here’s how:

· Morning tea (1 tbsp), coffee (1 tbsp) or milk with horlicks (4 tbsp)

· Breakfast with cornflakes, cereals, chocos (3 tbsp)

· Glucon D (6 tbsp)

· Regular soda

· Juice drinks, energy drinks

· Processed instant meals, soups

· Ketchup, chocolates, jam, bread and even chips have sugar in it

· Cold drink, ice cream, fruit-flavored yogurt

· And not to mention even the chats that you eat have sugar

This is not the natural sugar I’m talking about (found in fruit, vegetables, and dairy). It’s the added sugar that are included in food products, syrups and beverages to increase sweetness and texture and extend shelf life.

A little extra sugar may seem harmless, but ingested often, it can contribute to a variety of health issues, like obesity, Type-2 diabetes, weight gain, tiredness, fatigue, cardiovascular and heart disease.


Excessive sugar triggers large amounts of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that makes you happy. So, while it makes you feel good for that moment, it makes your brain crave even more for sugar just like other drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

This results in continuous sweet cravings and binge eating, which has a domino effect on your brain and overall health. Worse, it can even lead to a behavioral change over a period of time and create mental illnesses like ADHD, and depression.

Many ‘Fat-free’ or ‘low fat’ foods contain plenty of sugar. So, these foods can be misleading. Make sure you read all the ingredients properly before picking up any food or drink.

Look sugar is very important to our body, but having artificial sugar is nowhere close to important in fact it’s the opposite – unimportant and consequences are lifelong.

The point is sugar is so dangerous and you have no idea how destructive it is to your body. By the time you realize its too late.

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