What Happening Between Russia and Ukraine?

Before we start let me tell you that we’ll discuss everything, from the current situation to history to the future (assumption). We will cover every vital information that you must know.

November 10, 2021, the United States reports unusual Russian soldiers’ movements near the Ukrainian border. On November 28, Ukraine said that Russia has started creating a massive group of 92,000 soldiers near the border. However, Russia denies it, saying it’s Ukrainian Soldiers.

In parallel, Russia demanded legal guarantees that Ukraine will never join North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). What happened here is, since 2008 Ukraine started applying to become a member of NATO.

NATO is a group of 30 countries that works together to ensure the security and freedom of each other through political or military means.

Now Russia never wanted Ukraine to get security from NATO because if it does then the military of NATO countries will come forward to protect Ukraine. But on the other side, Ukraine wanted to become a part of NATO since 2008. Hence Russia demanded a legal guarantee that Ukraine will never join NATO.

On December 7, 2021, US President Joe Biden warns Russia that strong economic and other measures will be taken against them if they enter Ukraine. But Putin being Putin, on January 17, 2022, Russian soldiers began arriving in Belarus (a country that shares a border with Russia and Ukraine) for a military drill aiming to prevent an external attack.

Two days later, the US announced an extra $200 million as security aid to Ukraine. Now on January 24, NATO starts preparing their soldiers and sending ships and fighter jets. But on the next day, Russia began Military exercises involving 6,000 soldiers and at least 60 fighter jets near Ukraine.

On January 26, the US and some other countries who are members of NATO said that Russia’s security demands (Ukraine not to join NATO) are unrealistic. While China on the other side warns that Russia’s security demands should be taken seriously. On January 28 Putin says that the West has ignored Russia’s demands.

On February 15, Russia Said some of its forces are returning to their bases. But NATO claimed that it saw no sign of any return. On February 17, Russia fired explosives on the area near Donetsk and Luhansk (cities of Ukraine). On February 19, Ukraine said that two of its soldiers dies in attacks.

Now the situation between Ukraine and Russia starts getting worse. So, France and Germany start evacuating their citizens living in Ukraine. On February 22, Putin divides Ukraine into three counties. Putin declared Luhansk and Donetsk (cities of Ukraine) as separate countries and now the Russian military enters these cities.

After this many counties started putting restrictions on the Russian Economy. Today $1 is equal to 85 Russian Ruble (Currency). And finally, on Thursday, February 24 Russia attacks Ukraine. Putin orders Ukrainian soldiers to surrender he doesn’t want to occupy Ukraine but wants to remove the military from Ukraine.

After these explosions were heard in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and several cities near the border. Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and several cities near the border. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared martial law and cancels any kind of relations with Russia. Ukraine soldiers start responding to these attacks. Ukraine says it has killed around 50 Russians trying to occupy Ukraine.

On the other hand, Russia says that it has destroyed Ukraine’s military airbases and its air defense systems. Many Ukrainian citizens have left their homes and have to live in bunkers. While Ukraine pleads with India to support Ukraine. Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi Spoke to Putin appealing to him an immediate end of violence.

Now the reason why Russia is doing all this lies in History, It’s not just about a piece of land but a lot more. Why the US is staying away from this matter, how is this gonna affect other nations, where does India stand everything will be discussed in upcoming posts.

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