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Happy 21st birthday my brother

Dear Ratan (My Brother)

Do you remember the first time we've met? I hope you recall that our first meeting was the second last day of the IT training classes at ICAI Vasanth Nagar, and we were able to meet Kajol who was a friend of ours. I don't know how we became a friend, but we did, and we also promised that the next day, in the final IT exam at ICAI Basavanagudi, we'll meet even though we might have different timings. I did and waited too long, and you didn't come by the time we decided, and I went after waiting a long time, I never thought we could meet again because we didn't share the numbers at our first meeting. 


I went to Gujarat for my brother engagement and came back after a week for Orientation batch and as usual, I was earlier on time and waiting for Kajol to come as I knew that she is also coming and meanwhile you appeared and I was surprised that you also remembered me you, and Kajol came at the same time and we all three started talking and we both decided to sit together but then after entering in class you found your K2 coaching friend and you went and sit with them and I sit in the last row and after you finished your conversation with your friends, you show me and asked me to come and sit with you, but at the same time, another guy came and sat beside you, and we both laughed, and then the faculty came, so that the first day of the first half, we couldn't talk a lot, and we couldn't sit together, but at that time we ware just Acquaintance so that wasn’t important then to sit together and then we though in break that post-break will seat together but that time faculty changed our places. and there the first day over of Orientation batch.

The second day we met again in class, and that day, too, we couldn't sit together because we had to sit in groups. Today I would say that our friendship has been reached at the Casual Friend level.


The third day we met again in class, but we still haven't been able to sit together today as well. Also, we've made a group of friends in 3 days that we all use to have lunch together and have fun, every day we're getting closer and closer because we both have the same principle and also almost the same-minded, and today I 'd say friendship level is reached at Close Friend.


On the fourth day, we had the first chance to sit together, and actually, we did, and that was the day our friendship level reached the top level, which is the Intimate Friend, and we had a fun day and time and days passed, and then your birthday came on the 25th day of July, which was the 7th day of the orientation batch, and that day we all decided to wish you birthday when you came to the stage, and we all did and until the date. I remember that face, and I'm very happy of you. Then in break people ask you for a party and to make fun of teammates I took your wallet as well as you, though I gave my wallet to Gujju, he won't let me spend more money and we all, except Tanushree, went shop to shop to find a shop selling chocolate, and we went so far and finally found one and enjoyed a lot. And that evening, you, myself and Kajol went to Mantri Mall to celebrate your birthday, and we had Burger in Macdonald. 


The days have passed and we're enjoying a lot of orientation and still, we don't have the contact number of each other, and the first time on the 28th day of July, you asked me to send photos of your birthday, and then I told you I don't have your contact and you gave me your number. And the first time we had a chat with WhatsApp on the 28th day of July 2018.

Last day of orientation the day I was happy along with sad my friends ware trying to feed me and I ran away from them because I was very tense because of one presentation and I felt that after today I don't know if I'm going to be able to meet all my 51 friends I've made in this 15 day? Ratan you in particular. Also, if you recollect that people used to mock us and tell others to see our Bromance, please brother, promise me that we'll keep doing our Bromance.


I feel that God wanted to be friends forever and that's why we end up getting our Articleship in the same area and on the same road, and now we meet every day or every other day. Thank you, God, for giving me such a wonderful friend.


This is our initial day of friendship, just to remind you, Brother. Now we're a brother from different parents, but we're more relative than a brother by blood to each other.


Thank you for coming in my life and showing me a lot of parts of Bangalore that I was unaware of and without you, I would always be unaware.


Happy 21st Birthday My Dear Brother Today is the most important day of my life because God has given you this day.


Sometimes we even go weeks without talking and even though I miss our three-hour-long conversations, I never worry that something is not right.


There are some things I must say I love about this long-distance friendship we have going on


Even though we are physically apart, I know that we always carry some parts of each other with us wherever we may go. We carry all the memories.


I love that you are still ‘my person’ and after all the time of not speaking or not seeing each other, it feels like we were never apart. We just pick up where we left off.


Ratan Rajpurohit

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Ratan Kumar K Rajpurohit

Happy birthday

Happy 21st birthday! My wish for you is that your future is filled with good friends, precious memories, and happiness in all you do.

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