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Happy 21st birthday my brother

Dear Rutvik (My Brother),

Just to remind you, Brother, here are a few highlights from the day we spent together as friends. We're brothers from different parents now, but we're more related to each other than blood brothers.

If I'm not mistaken, my earliest memories of us are from Senior Kindergarten at our beloved C. U. Shah English School. I recall that we used to be in different sections but eventually became friends. To be honest, I have no other memories of that time because we were children and our minds were preoccupied with playing and having fun.


I'd like to remember, and I hope you do, in 2nd grade when we were asked to draw and paint the face of our drawing teacher, and Amul drew an amazing very pretty face of her (I hope you remember that and you are laughing thinking of it isn’t it? because I can't describe that drawing in words {hee-hee}).

Rainbow Sprinkles

I hope you remember in 5th grade when Bharti teacher (our library teacher) taught us the ‘Navakar Mantra' and asked us to memorise it. I still remember it though, but I get stuck in the middle when I forget one or the other line of the mantra. I don't know or never knew why our class used to despise her despite the fact that she was so good in all of her classes.


I also remember when we were in 6th grade, we used to have launch groups based on class section, one of which was Ayush Vora's and another was Sanyam Hurkat's, and we used to have silly fights when each section was merged for two months, and then we separated and had our own group, which included you, me, Amul, Pratik, Kaushal, Raj, and a few others. And then we separated again a few days later.

Tropical Leaves

We are now in our Senior year of Primary School, which is 7th grade, and we have the opportunity to be monitors, which we have waited for a long time. Finally, after all of the elections for Head Boy and Head Girl and House Captains were completed, they assigned classes to each of us in 7th grade, and you and Amul were assigned to 3rd grade Section A, and me and Ravi (our Bihari Chori) were assigned to 3rd grade Section B, both of which were located on the back side of the staff room above the Sport room. I also recall something that occurred that caused our class being punished for not monitoring any of our classes and having to sit with PT Sir (I forgot his name) in the lunch room for the entire first half of our seventh grade. Wasn't it horrible? However, after our Deepawali vacation, we were able to return to monitoring and successfully complete our 7th grade, where I kept failing but was promoted to 8th with the rest of the class.

I'm not sure if we were lucky or unlucky back then, but when we got to 8th grade, we knew we'd be in high school in the next building. However, that dream was dashed when the government decided that education up to the eighth grade should be made primary, so they shifted the eighth grade to primary school and we got one more year to be seniors, with the same classes to monitor. This year was the year that you, me, Sunny, Shery, and Devansu began trading PC games, and it was the year that we became the closest friends we'd ever had.

Birthday Presents

Finally, we arrived at High School 9th grade, where I had barely studied. I can't say the same for you because you used to get second place while I used to fail. We played so many games at each other's houses that year. When we got to 10th grade, I was worried about losing a few of my best and most amazing friends because I was worried about whether I would make it to 10th or not, and what if I failed like every time. Even if I pass, my plan was to study science in Bangalore rather than Surendranagar.

However, everything went as planned, and I passed my 10th grade with flying colors, and my father decided and encouraged me to do commerce, and I returned from Bangalore, and I started coming to school a week later after it reopened, and you guys were set in mind that I went to Bangalore, and suddenly I show-up on a week later Monday at the back side of the school gate, where we all used to wait a week earlier. It was an incredible year, and you and I became friends with new student Dharmik, and we went to his house once to play games, and the second time I watched skin flick with you. I recall seeing some skin flick. The first time was with you, but unlike Dharmik, the person showing us this time was Krunal (Lawyer). We also downloaded a 3D (skin flick) game and played it for a while at my house.

Square Stage

Finally, we passed 12th, and I went to Bangalore to study CA, while you went to Ahmedabad, and now you are almost done with your dream of becoming a CA, and I also promised to finish it earlier next year. And I'm looking forward to working with you once we're both CA partners. Will you, do it?

Recently, you visited Bangalore for Audit work when we had spent wonderful time together, I know you have to stay forcefully at my house since you had no choice and go through unconvertable stay. I am really sorry in case of you had any inconvenience cause at the time you stayed night at my house because I really looking forward, we spend nights like that again before things get changes in our life. I am really grateful for respecting my wishes and come long way to my home even though you were not obligated to do so. But yes, even though I miss introducing to my friend over there and spending time with you along with them or going for visit to any place in Bangalore Hope we can do that to next time sooner after first thing this whole COVID-19 is over and you are finally          

Thank you for coming into my life and showing me things that I was unaware of and without you, I would always be unaware.

Happy 21st Birthday My Dear Brother Today (19th April) is the most important day of my life because God has given you this day.

Sometimes we even go weeks without talking and even though I miss our three-hour-long conversations, I never worry that something is not right.

There are some aspects of our long-distance friendship that I must say I adore.


Even though we are physically apart, I know that we always carry some parts of each other with us wherever we may go. We carry all the memories.


I love that you are still ‘my person,' and that even though we haven't spoken or seen each other in a long time, it feels as if we've never been apart. We just pick up where we left off.                    


See you Shortly

Your Friend



Ammar Dawoodi

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